This is what the world may look like after a nuclear war created and painted by: Vladimir Manyuhin aka mvn
12.26.10 /12:49/ 5

Recently, I had a trip. One that I have had only but twice before. Ventured to a place both near and far. So secluded it has only been ventured to by the few and daring. It is so quiet there you seem to hear every thought. An everlasting moment. Time stands still as does the world around you. It is dangerous, but the rewards are great. Once there you will never view the world the same ever again. Your mind can wander without limits for your imagination has no boundaries. You can not fly there nor drive, but you are always free to roam. This trip for many may never come, but for those who seize this moment may have sudden realizations. I spent some time there and I had an awakening you could say. It was something that has always been with me and with everyone, but is always taken for granted. It is the sole reason we cease to survive. It creates our will to live, our will to succeed, and our will to love with all of our heart. This incredible thing is relationships; I’m not talking about mushy gushy bullshit childish puppy love. I am speaking of the relationships between the people that we hold most dear. For without these relationships we are nothing. They have molded and shaped us from our first days. Pushed us and pulled us in directions creating emotion geared at what we like and dislike. We are a reflection of every inspirational person we have ever taken a moment to explore into. A simple question will unlock an ongoing investigation into your soul and what makes you what you really are. WHY? Without these relationships and these people we would have no drive and our lives would be simply meaningless. The only reason to live, would be to simply survive. I explored this terrain and came to many conclusions about it. One is if you ever venture there with the people you care about, you will be rewarded with harmony. COMPLETE HARMONY. Its a difficult concept to understand but it is the idea of being one with your mind, body, soul, and the energy of the earth. This energy is created by the people who inhabit it. I have dared to venture to this place and I have been ever so grateful to be rewarded. Explore on//

Canvas  by  andbamnan